SPMS 3-in-1 Fundraising


PTA Membership, Wish Night, and No Sweat Fundraising

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1 Simple Donation

Please support our school by joining PTA, donating to your child’s teachers through Wish Night, and donating to PTA through No Sweat Fundraising in one simple step (see back for more information).Make check payable to SPMS PTA. Wish Night and No Sweat are TAX DEDUCTIBLE Donations.

Or click  https://www.spmspta.com/product/all_in/

Student Name(s): _________________________________________

Grade(s): ______________________

PTA Member Name(s): _________________________________________________________________

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Member Email (s): _____________________________________________________________________

Choose one of the bundles below:

2 Memberships, $70 Wish Night, $30 No Sweat $114
3 Memberships, $140 for Wish Night, $60 for No Sweat $221
4 Memberships, $210 for Wish Night, $90 for No Sweat $328

— OR– Create your own bundle:

PTA Membership — $7 x _______members
(Please fill in # of members above and calculate total)
Wish Night$
No Sweat Fundraising$

Total Included:


PTA ONLY: Check # ________ CC last 4 Digits _________ Cash __________