Hello Students and Parents! The National PTA Reflections program is here for the 2022/2023 academic year.

Each year the National PTA Reflections Program provides students an opportunity to express their artistic side through visual and performing arts, film production and music. A theme is established each year where students can choose their own artistic medium to share their abilities and express their thoughts and ideas with their academic community.  Do you have to be an artist to participate? No, but there is an artist in all of us that is able to  express our own uniqueness of what we have and share it with those around us in our world. Though awards are given to individuals for their artistry, Reflections is not a competition, but a program to release the artist in all students and recognize the ideas, voices and heart that can be only expressed in the artistry of an individual.

How Will You Show Your Voice?

Do you enjoy art, music or dance?
Do you have an interest in writing, producing films or taking photos?

Then join us and have fun unleashing your inner artist with PTA Reflections! This year’s theme Show Your Voicecalls for your own unique interpretation through the arts.  Click on the links below for category guidelines for each category:

Dance Choreography – English | Spanish
Film Production – English | Spanish
Literature – English | Spanish
Music Composition – English | Spanish
Photography – English | Spanish
Visual Arts – English | Spanish
Special Artist Division – English | Spanish

Please print the Entry Form or stop by the front office to pick one up.

Completed entry forms can be emailed to or dropped off in the front office.  If possible, please submit your entry form as soon as you know what you will be creating, before art is completed.  Students MUST include an artist statement on their entry forms.  

Final art submissions with entry forms are due by October 13th!  


For questions, email Marty Freeman at
For inspiration, visit the Reflections virtual art gallery and learn more about prizes and scholarships at