6th Grade Parent Orientation

Welcome to South Pasadena Middle School!

→  6th Grade Parent Introduction to  SPMS PTA Video Link -August 10, 2020


    1. Tuesday-Friday, August 4-7 (8:30 am – 2:15 pm) – Chromebook distribution – Pick-up at 1120 El Centro parking lot.
    2. Monday, August 10 (9:55 am – 11:00 am) – 6th Grade WEB & PTA Parent Intro to Middle School meeting
    3. Thursday, August 13First Day of School:)  Students will receive their full schedule on the first day of school online.
    4. Thursday, August 27 (6:30 pm – 8:00 pm) – Back to School Night (more parent orientation)
    5. Tuesday, September 1 (7pm) – (First SPMS PTA General Assembly Meeting
    6. October 19-23 – SPMS Parent/Teacher/Student Conferences & SPMS PTA Book Fair.


    1. (This may not be completely applicable with online learning.) – “Binder Reminder” is a zip-up binder with a handle; a convenient way to store paper, pencils, pens, class work by subject, and hold School Agendas. Backpacks are not allowed in classrooms except for the first few days. School “Agendas” (like day planners) will be given to students in class. Supply lists are on the school website at spms.spusd.net>Parents >Student Supply Lists, and are starter lists. Your child will be given a list of supplies needed by each of their teachers, so you’ll probably make another trip for supplies.
    2. School starts at 8:30 am (0 Period starts at 7:40 am) – please refer to school website for new online schedule.
    3. All incoming 6th graders will be paired with an 8th-grade WEB leader.  They are selected based on their ability to act as mentors.  As they are now at the age of learning to self-advocate, you can encourage them to reach out to their WEB leader or their teacher(s).

“ALL”, “ODD”, “EVEN” DAYS:  (Please also refer to SPMS website for 2020-21)

, 8:00– 2:40 pm


  1. Many teachers have websites which can be found on the school website. You can often find homework assignments and due dates for long term projects. Feel free to email teachers with questions or concerns.
  2. The Parent Portal – my.spusd.net— can be used to check grades and upcoming or late assignments.  This is also called the Aeries Portal.
  3. Principal Busick sends out a weekly email (SPMS Community Updates) to all parents on Sunday evenings. If you are not receiving these emails, check your junk folder, then contact the school office at (626) 441-5830.
  4. The PTA also sends weekly emails (Tiger Tidbits) full of information. Please read it for important dates, events, and information, or go to the PTA website: spmspta.com
  5. Your student’s school counselor is provided on your student’s class schedule. Counselors are assigned to students to help them receive the necessary support to succeed academically, socially, and personally. Students report to them with scheduling, class, and elective issues.
  6. Report cards are issued quarterly, mailed to each student’s home.


  1. Student speaks with teacher.
  2. Student speaks with counselor.
  3. Parent emails teacher.
  4. Parent emails counselor.
  5. Parent outlines issue in written letter to Principal and schedules meeting to discuss issue.
  6. Parents follow up with Principal, with a copy of written letter attached.


  1. Organization! Most children need help. Encourage your student to use their Binder Reminder and Student Agendas for all their classes to write down assignments and due dates. Some teachers put information on their web pages, however there can be delays in updating these pages so it’s best for your student to write down as much as they can during class.
  2. Check your student’s Binder Reminder daily. Teach them how to track due dates and work in advance to prevent last minute cramming and stress.
  3. Remind your child to put their name and the class period on ALL their assignments. Often assignments go missing or end up in a random pile in the classroom. This assures that if your child did the work, he or she will be properly credited.
  4. Create a system that helps your child be organized and ready for school each day, checking their Binder Reminders and Student Agendas to make sure they have their assignments and supplies they need.
  5. Students should keep assignments even if they’ve been turned in and/or graded in case it is listed as ‘Missing’ on the Parent Portal. Encourage them to clean out their binder quarterly and keep things in an established location in your home.
  6. The full policy and more information about attendance, and campus rules can be found at spms.spusd>Resources> Campus Rules.
  7. Keep a copy of your child’s schedule at home so you know what classes they miss if they are ill or have a doctor’s appointment. You child is responsible for contacting each of their teachers to get make up work. Get the names and contact information of at least two students in each of your child’s classes to help them get assignments when they’ve missed.
  8. You child will have one set of books (this will vary depending on the online and hybrid model of school schedule.).
  9. Don’t panic when you check Parent Portal and see your child’s grade has plunged from an A to a D. Most likely, there is an assignment missing. Teach your child how to check the portal to make sure all their assignments are turned in and credited.


    1. Donations of Kleenex, hand sanitizer, wipes, bacterial soap and other Covid-19 related items may always be needed and greatly appreciated by teachers and staff!
    2. Call the school office (626) 441-5830 to report an absence each day your child is absent.