Our children might be growing up, but they still need our support to ensure the best and richest Middle School experience possible. There are many ways to get involved and volunteer at SPMS.

Volunteer Opportunities:

Please take a look at the volunteer opportunities and fill out the form below if you are interested.

Technical/IT – As we embark on this new reality of online classes and communication, we are seeking volunteers who can help parents as well as students navigate the various levels of technical difficulties. (High-schoolers are welcome to sign-up).

Reflections — is a National PTA sponsored art program. Click HERE for more details.

Translators – We’re also looking for translators, as well as sign-language speakers.  If you are fluent in another language and speak English please let us know if we can list you for assistance.

Eight Grade Activities – Decorate for 8th Grade Promotion Dance, and Promotion, and help set up food for 8th grade lunch on the last day of school.

Grant Writing – Funds are being cut from our schools. We can access financial assistance through companies and foundations, but we need people who know how to write the grants. Please help.

Graphic Arts – We always need creatives to make signs and flyers for upcoming events.

Library/Media – Extend the reach of limited staff by helping in the library/media center during the school day.

Mental Health Week — Along the lines of Red Ribbon Week, this is a hands-on week full of activities designed to help our young people and destigmatize mental health. Thanks to those who showed up to help with mindful meditation, yoga, The Quiet Room, and booths in the Quad!

Teacher Appreciation Events –  A way to honor and recognize our generous teachers and staff.

Food/Hospitality Donations – Donating to the PTA events, such as Teacher Appreciation events.

Traffic/Valet — We need help moving vehicles along at drop off and pick-up. Want to help? We might even think about getting a whistle… Let us know!

Vision  & Hearing Exams — TBA


OR — tell us where you would like to help! Do you have a skill or company that can help? Fundraising, calligraphy, copy writing, printing services, etc.? Do you have or work for a business that might support our efforts by donating services or goods, like paper, printing, food, drinks, etc.?

(Downloadable Forms: PTA & Wishnight Request for Payment Forms, and 3 in 1 Donation Form)

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