Thank you for donating to SPMS.  This year, we suggest 2 PTA Memberships ($14), a wish night donation of $70 per student, and a $30 per student donation to the “No Sweat” general PTA fund, totaling $114 for one student.  South Pasadena public schools receive very little funds from the state.  Your wish night donations cover classroom expenses like technology subscriptions, classrooms supplies, curriculum enhancements, etc.  Your “No Sweat” donations cover administrative office expenses (e.g. copier maintenance, library supplies) and PTA-related events like Mental Health Week.  The dollar amounts suggested above are guidelines only.  If you are in a financial position to donate more or less, please do so.  Any and all donations are greatly appreciated.  Thank you! 

If your employer has a matching gift program, please be sure to inform them of your donation.  The paperwork required by your employer can be sent to 

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