Please email us at SPMSPTA@SUPSD.NET if you have any questions. We will do our best to answer you. School and class related questions are strongly recommended to email the school administrators and/or the teachers directly.

Social Media Awareness

Dear SPMS Parents/Guardians, Fri 1/7/2022 3:36 PM

Part of the mission of South Pasadena Middle School is to promote lifelong learning in a safe and nurturing space where all are able to think, learn, explore, discover and grow. In order to continue successfully fulfilling this part of the mission, we need your help monitoring your children and their internet and social media use.

Platforms like Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat, and Discord may offer opportunities to expand knowledge and connect with people around the world, but they are also landscapes that are relatively unrestricted and may be unsafe for young people. Numerous incidents have been brought to our attention involving cyber-bullying and harassment. SPMS has specific policies and procedures that are followed when incidents affect school, but more support and monitoring from home would be appreciated and is necessary now more than ever.

We encourage students not to utilize social media platforms until they are the appropriate age (most platforms state 13+ and if no age is stated, with parent permission only) and are mature enough to successfully navigate and understand the far-reaching consequences of social media. Here is a link to an article that you might find useful.

We assure you that South Pasadena Middle School is a school that prioritizes the safety of students and employees. Please encourage your children to say something if they see or hear anything unusual on campus or online through social media. Continue sharing openly and inquiring about what your children are experiencing online. Together we will be able to educate and guide our students to be good citizens in our increasingly digital world.


Stephen Lewis
Assistant Principal

Minimum day schedule

Dear SPMS Families-  I wanted to let you know about the minimum days that we have scheduled this school year. Instead of taking a traditional week of minimum days for parent/teacher conferences, we are spreading the days out this year. We will have two block days at the end of the 1st Quarter and 3rd Quarter and one Monday during progress report time during 4th Quarter. Our focus during these days is School to Home Communication. Teachers will be reaching out to parents via email, phone calls, SST and 504 meetings, and class updates.
Please mark your calendar for the following 12:30 pm minimum days:
1st Quarter – October 21 & 22
3rd Quarter  – March 24 & 25
4th Quarter Progress Reports- April 25
The minimum day schedule is as follows:

PE Clothes:

  1. Q: When do my students need to start wearing?
    A: Your students will have to start wearing gray T-shirts and black shorts starting on Tuesday, 8/17.
  2. Q: Do I need to buy the school PE clothes?
    A: SPMS PE clothes are available, but not required. Gray T-shirt and black shorts are required.
  3. Q: Do my students have to buy the locks from school?
    A: SPMS locks are available and recommended, but not required. The school will be able to tell your students the code to the lock that you buy from school if your students forgot the code.
  4. Q: How can I purchase PE clothes and/or locks?
    A: You may pre-purchase online by filling out the Google Form.
  5. Q: How much do the PE clothes and the locks cost?
    A: PE Shirts – $7 each; Black Shorts – $8 each; locks – $5 each
  6. Q: How many locks should my students purchase/prepare?
    A: Two are recommended. One for the Hall lockers and the other one for the PE locker.