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The SPMS PTA is a partnership between our dedicated parents, teachers, administration, and staff. We all work together to enrich our children’s education and school experiences, and to unite our community. We do this inclusively, by having conversations, developing programs, activities, raising funds to implement these plans.

Your involvement, no matter how big or small,  is not only welcome, but also necessary for our students to thrive.


Unless Congress acts, schools are about to experience major budget cuts triggered by the coronavirus pandemic. 

We need you to contact your federal representatives ASAP to support money for schools. Your action will help prevent layoffs, larger class sizes and the reduction or elimination of important programs and services for our students.

Please join with education leaders around the country in asking for $200 billion to support education funding, including special education, distance learning, Title 1 for low-income students and other programs:

  • Learning Policy Institute: “A 15 percent reduction in state education funding could lead to the loss of more than 300,000 teaching positions.”
  • Ed100: “During Teacher Appreciation Week, let’s say a loud ‘thank you’ in a way that really matters: by supporting education funding in this time of crisis.”
  • National Education Leaders, including PTA: “As Congress negotiates a fourth emergency supplemental in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, it is imperative any package include significant, robust and flexible funding for our nation’s public schools.”
  • Council of Great City Schools:“…Support an additional federal allocation of $175 billion in Educational Stabilization Funds distributed to the local level through the Title I formula. We also urge Congress to provide an additional $13 billion for IDEA, $12 billion in additional Title I program funding, $2.0 billion for E-Rate, and emergency infrastructure funds that include public schools.”

Please click the “Take Action” button to send a message to your U.S. senators and representatives, and help ensure that robust education funding is included in the next COVID-19 relief package. Our children deserve it!


May 7, 2020

Dear SPUSD Community,

As California, Los Angeles, and communities including South Pasadena begin to ease stay-at-home orders, the topic of reopening schools comes up frequently.  Please know that our leadership team is continuously researching options, collaborating with our teacher and classified associations, and developing the safest solutions for our nearly 5,500 students and employees. Keep in mind that when general guidance is publicly offered by local or state officials, it can create a false sense of direction that may not be applicable to our District.

Before the end of this school year, SPUSD will be sending several surveys to parents.  One of the surveys will offer the opportunity to share your feelings about various return-to-school scenarios that we are developing.

The start date for the 2020-2021 school year is August 13, 2020. Please be advised that schools may or may not physically reopen. We will continue to evaluate the relevant circumstances for our schools including budget impacts caused by the economic downturn. We will share the plans for the start of the next school year when we determine that they are safe, practical, and financially feasible.

Thank you for your commitment to our District, for supporting your children in this new reality, and for helping us keep our community safe. We know that the situation is challenging.   


Geoff Yantz, Ed.D.


April 29, 2020

Dear SPUSD Community,

It is hard to believe that SPUSD is in its seventh full week of following “safer-at-home” protocols and that students, and teachers are in their fourth full week of the SPUSD ISDLP.  Navigating the challenges of this pandemic may feel overwhelming at times, but I hope that you and your families are safe, healthy and adjusting to the new schedules. In the coming weeks, SPUSD will be sending you an online survey to obtain feedback about the ISDLP experience so far.

Looking back on the past month, I am proud to say that the SPUSD administrators, faculty and staff have accomplished some pretty amazing feats while continuing to help students reach their full potential. Let’s take a look at some of the achievements:

March-April 2020

  • SPUSD transformed its educational process (ISDLP) for nearly 5,000 students from preschool through twelfth grade.
  • Most of our 500 SPUSD employees now work primarily from home with the exception of our dedicated essential staff who are maintaining operations at the district office and schools.
  • SPUSD food service employees served more than 15,000 meals to students.
  • The tech department issued more than 1,000 Chromebooks to students so that every student who needs a device at home has access to one.
  • Teachers reported more than 95% of students engaged in the SPUSD ISDLP. 

Each one of these accomplishments reflects hours of work put forth by each department along with the support of our forward-thinking School Board members. We have addressed many additional matters along the way. With students’ best interest at heart, SPUSD implemented a grading policy to keep students on-track with learning and achievement. Our business office developed a system for keeping payroll up-to-date for all our employees and for making sure the bills are paid. Our teachers and support staff are delivering engaging distance learning lessons while also encouraging our students to participate in extracurricular activities such as online workouts, cooking classes, ASB elections, online birthday celebrations, public service announcements, and more.

SPUSD also has been planning for the future and working hard to ensure that systems are in place for when we eventually come back to school. Following are some additional details:


We realize that life looks very different for our Senior Class of 2020 as well as for our current eighth graders and fifth graders. The high school administration is in the process of collaborating with the student body and SPHS PTSA to determine how best to recognize our seniors. Additional plans are underway at the middle school and elementary schools, so please keep a lookout for updates that we are certain will recognize the significant accomplishments of our students.

Summer School

South Pasadena Educational Foundation (SPEF) runs the highly-successful summer program for the South Pasadena community. It appears that some summer school classes will be offered online through a distance learning program. Look for additional information about summer school from SPEF soon.

Student Belongings/Textbook & Chromebook Return

In the next few weeks, you will receive detailed information about a system for students to pick up any personal belongings from school, to clean out lockers, and also to return textbooks and Chromebooks before the end of the school year. A detailed schedule will be created so that proper social distancing directives are followed.

New Student Registration

Registration for new students – preschool through twelfth grade is underway. SPUSD has established protocols for new student registration while ensuring employees and parents are safe and practicing social distancing while completing the necessary procedures. Please see https://www.spusd.net/ and click on the tab titled, “Enrollment/Registration” for additional information.

Construction Projects

Measure SP construction projects – the high school Athletics Project and the middle school Old Gym Rehab – are continuing at this time.  Supply line/manufacturing delays have challenged the construction teams. However, they remain dedicated to completing the projects by the planned completion date. Other projects that have been completed include the high school exterior painting and new security gates located along the SPHS numbered walkway. The roof replacement project on the two-story section of classrooms at the middle school is scheduled to begin on June 1, 2020.   Planning for the replacement of the elementary schools’ portable classrooms and new arts room continues with the expectation that construction will commence in Spring of 2021. Measure SP funds are restricted to construction related expenditures and may not be used for other purposes. Additionally, our dedicated staff continues working on district-wide maintenance and custodial needs.

Academic Year 2020-2021

We are uncertain about what the future holds for our return to school next year. You may have heard the Governor speculating about what school will look like or when it may begin. These recommendations are not sensible, practical, or sustainable solutions for school districts within California. As we stated in March, California’s public school system does not have the infrastructure or appropriate regulations to support a comprehensive, all-in, distance learning program for all students. Many California school districts are now experiencing this reality.  In response, after encouraging schools to close and to provide distance learning as a means for public education, state leaders now feel compelled to suggest solutions for how and when to open schools that are counterproductive. Without question, we have a desire for students to  occupy our classrooms and schoolyards once again, but only when it is safe and instruction, resource allocation, school funding, required negotiable agreements with our bargaining units, and regulatory relief are all considered as part of a comprehensive “back-to school” plan.

Fortunately, SPUSD has done everything possible to institute an effective distance learning model for our students and staff. We continuously engage in conversations with local superintendents, school administrators, and our respective labor associations regarding the practicality of our educational programming now and in the coming months. I am confident that SPUSD will continue to be flexible and innovative as we approach any future challenges together.


Geoff Yantz, Ed.D.




Maybe you’d like some guidance and support in these strange days. Click here:  STUDENT STRESS. 


Community Helping Community
Hello, South Pasadena families and friends. ­­
There are many of our fellow neighbors in need of help and assistance during this COVID-19 shutdown and a group of community helpers has put together a website where they can go to receive help with shopping needs. SPEF wants our community to remain healthy and strong so please reach out to this website if you need help.
Also, if you would like to volunteer to shop you can sign up on the website as well.
We are sure that you are all tired of cooking right now as well! Support your local restaurants by picking up curbside delivery. Your local restaurants are still there for you as they have been there for our schools all these years. Eat out!
South Pasadena Strong!
Here is a partial list from the local South Pasadena Chamber of Commerce of restaurants and other eateries that are open. Be sure to call them as the hours and other information can change quickly.
Berry Opera
Café X2O
Cos & Pi
Fiore Market Cafe
Heirloom Bakery
Jones Coffee
Gus’ BBQ
La Fiesta Grande
La Monarca
Mamma’s Brick Oven Pizza
Mike & Anne’s
Munch Co.
Two Kids Coffee
Other South Pasadena eateries that are open:
Jersey Mike’s
Oak Tree Inn
Simplee Boba
Please let the Chamber know if there are others – we will try to update the list periodically. Those businesses that are closed may still be accepting orders online.


The SPMS PTA nominating committee met in November 2019 to consider all eligible candidates for the 2020-2021 term of office. On behalf of the nominating committee we present the following slate of officers for the associations consideration:
President – Grace Kung
Executive Vice President – Shang Hur
1st VP Ways and Means – Judy Woo
2nd VP Programs – Christina Hansen
3rd VP Membership – Vanessa Godson
Wish Night – Katrina Lowstutter and Sara Shaffer
Treasurer – Dana Thompson- Davis 
Recording Secretary – Ingi Jennings
Auditor – Eboyne Zeno
Corresponding Secretary – Loren Platt
Parliamentarian – Kathy Baumann
Historian – Tammy Selden
Financial Secretary – Karin Burger
Those people have been voted in and will be sworn into office in May, 2020.
Thank you!
The 2019-20 Nominating Committee
Sara Shaffer
Kim Carlson
Judy Woo
Lauren Black
Stephanie Stein

If you are new and/or need more information about South Pasadena Middle School, you can print your own information packet from the DOWNLOAD page. There you’ll find info about PTA 6th Grade Parent Orientation, PTA donation and membership, SPEF, and Boosters.

The full SPUSD calendar year can be found HERE

Questions or suggestions? Please contact PTA President Emily Cline at emilycline@sbcglobal.net.